Camping in Nova Scotia

As a founding Province of Canada, Nova Scotia is known as “Canada’s Ocean Playground,” as it is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Province is best known for its world record high tides, lobster, fish, blueberries, apples and scenic coastlines.

Nova Scotia is full of beautiful ocean coastlines, lakes, and tons of forests. In the summer months the beauty of the province and it’s wilderness really are a campers dream.

All across the province there are many private campgrounds and parks to camp. 

Whether you are in an RV, tent or Glamping, there is a COANS Member Campground here make your outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible.

Discover Nova Scotia today!


Time Zone

Atlantic (UTC-4). This is one hour ahead of the heavily populated Eastern time zone, making it easier to conduct business with the US and Europe on the same business day.


Nova Scotia has been officially designated “Canada’s warmest Province.”  It lies in the northern temperate zone where the influence of the sea moderates the climate and helps Nova Scotia escape much of the coldest winter weather.  The summers are comfortably warm and the autumns are beautiful.
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Nova Scotia’s culture has deep roots within several “founding cultures” – the Mikmaq First Nation, French, Scottish, English, Irish and African. These were later supplemented by settlers from the United States, and, in recent times, by immigrants from around the world. The result is a fascinating blend of people known for their honesty, enterprise and good nature – qualities that also characterize the Nova Scotia business community.


Canadian Dollar.