Why Join the Campground Owners’ Association of Nova Scotia?

Representation | Networking | Supplier and Vendor Benefits

The Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia (COANS) provides their members with the services and support that RV Parks and Campgrounds need to be successful while helping to promote the growth and development of the Nova Scotia RV and Camping Industry. This is accomplished through Member promotion, exclusive cost-saving programs, legislative advocacy and Industry representation.

As a member of the Canadian Camping and RV Council, COANS Campground Owners join with National RV Industry Partners RVDA of Canada, Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and Go RVing Canada, and are able to work together to grow the industry and secure the future success of our members.

COANS encourages and promotes high operational standards, exceptional customer service and quality outdoor vacation and accommodation experiences.

Why Should You Become a Member?

To learn — To stay informed of changes that affect your business — To grow your business — To make more money — To save money — To access economical marketing opportunities.

When you join the Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia you join your peers in an interactive network helping each other to succeed.

Government Advocacy Highlights

COANS advocates to government at all three levels. An overview of the work that the association undertakes is as follows:

  • Municipal level – support our members by working with you and your municipality if needed.
  • Provincial level – focus on critical issues facing the industry.
  • Federal level – work with CCRVC and other associations on federal issues affecting the industry.  

If you are interested in becoming a COANS Member Campground, please contact us at: info@ccrvc.ca

Member Benefits:

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