Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia holds Open Meeting and AGM in Halifax

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Halifax, December 9, 2023 – The Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia (COANS) held its Open Meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Halifax on December 9th, 2023, bringing together campground owners and stakeholders to discuss important issues and initiatives in the camping industry. Here’s a recap of the key discussions and decisions made during the meeting:

  1. Benefits for COANS Members: Cara Csizmadia, President of CCRVC discussed various benefits available to COANS members, including government advocacy efforts, website development opportunities, discounts, educational resources, and more.
  2. Education for Private Campgrounds: Discussions included educational programs for campground staff. CCRVC is joining Camping in Ontario November 17th-19th in Niagara Falls, Ontario for an Educational Experience for Campgrounds across Canada. Nova Scotia Private Campgrounds are invited to attend.
  3. Nova Scotia Accessibility Act: We participated in discussions regarding accessibility at private campgrounds, highlighting the importance of preparedness for the upcoming Accessibility Act in 2030.
  4. Insurance Presentation: James Grant from Signature Risk provided insights into insurance considerations for campgrounds, emphasizing the significance of specialized insurance coverage.
  5. Government Advocacy: Updates were provided on COANS’ ongoing advocacy efforts with the Federal Government, including discussions surrounding small business tax deductions and disaster relief funds.
  6. Metering for Campground Sites: The process and advantages of metering individual campground sites were discussed.
  7. Tourist Accommodations Registration Act: Implications and fairness in applying regulations to registered campgrounds were debated.
  8. Nova Scotia Tourism Marketing: Explorations took place on how to enhance the promotion and visibility of COANS campgrounds.
  9. RV Show Participation: The effectiveness and costs associated with participating in RV shows were discussed, along with alternative methods of promotion.
  10. Social Media Strategy: COANS’ social media strategy was reviewed, focusing on promoting individual campgrounds and adapting the approach during the camping season.
  11. COANS Membership: Current membership numbers were shared, and strategies for attracting new members were discussed.
  12. Go RVing Canada Update: An update was given on Go RVing Canada’s partnership with COANS, including its benefits and promotion efforts.
  13. Reservation Systems: Endorsed reservation systems for campgrounds were discussed, providing insights into available options.
  14. Rack Card Development: Plans were made to revise and promote COANS’ rack cards.
  15. RV Rental Company Cross Promotion: Opportunities for cross-promotion with RV rental companies were explored.
  16. Government Grants for Private Campgrounds: Information about a company offering assistance to access government grants was shared.
  17. Insider Perks: Insider Perks’ free website development for COANS members was introduced.
  18. Tourism Digital Assistance Program: Updates were provided on COANS’ application for a grant to revamp its website.
  19. Open Discussions: Various topics were discussed, including website updates, equity development, promotion of COANS benefits, and awareness of membership requirements.
  20. Additional Business: A CBC video on campgrounds being used for full-time living was reviewed, with unanimous agreement on the potential negative impact on the industry.
  21. Next Meeting: Plans were outlined to hold a virtual meeting in late March/early April, just before the camping season commences.

The COANS Open Meeting and AGM provided a platform for campground owners to engage in crucial discussions, exchange ideas, and make informed decisions to advance the camping industry in Nova Scotia. Stay tuned for further updates on COANS initiatives and future meetings.

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